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Multi-ethnic Group of Friends


Powerhouse Dreams is a Perth based charity that supports families of children with developmental disabilities through grants and donations.  


We aspire to be a conduit for families wanting to fundraise for specialised equipment and advocate for families to have access to intensive therapy programs.


Powerhouse Dreams has plans to develop a mentoring program that pairs a child with developmental disability with an adult with a similar disability.  


The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for:


         * connection and friendship between the adult and child 

         * expand social skills and community participation 

         * ultimately contribute positively to their well-being! 

Mentoring is often used to describe a program or relationship, either formal or informal, which aims to build the skills or well-being of a young person through the input and assistance of another person who has more skills, experience and knowledge.  

Youth Mentoring programs have become increasingly popular and are associated with a wide range of positive outcomes across behavioural, social, emotional and academic domains of development.  

You can register your interest in becoming a Mentor or to be Mentored online , Click Apply Now to complete the form. 


With a little bit of help, there can be a lot of hope! 

Like all children and young people, those with a disability have the right to the same opportunities to be healthy, happy and safe whilst learning and participating meaningfully in their community.

However, people with disability in Australia continue to experience significantly worse life outcomes compared to other people.  


People with disability are more likely to experience relatively poor health, lower levels of participation in education, training and employment, social exclusion, lack of access to goods, services and facilities and ongoing discrimination.

We feel strongly that our mentoring program is going to have many benefits to both the mentor and the mentee.  


Leadership WA have provided us with resources to be able to source relevant research and develop an implementation plan.  


All we need now is the funding to make this program a reality!

Can you help us to make our dream of starting a mentoring program come true? Please donate today. 





The Mentorship Program - creating positive change, aligning with our Vision, 

"To be the catalyst that empowers children with developmental disabilities to realise their dreams."

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